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28th September 2021
TouchBasePro Support

TouchBasePro Levels of Support

In our previous blog, we explored what we should look for when choosing an email service provider. One of the points being “Good Customer Service & […]
21st September 2021
TouchBasePro ESP Deliverability

Why it is important for your email service provider to handle deliverability?

Deliverability… one of the cornerstones to your email campaign success. As email marketing experts at TouchBasePro, ensuring the deliverability of your campaign is one of our […]
15th September 2021
TouchBasePro Offices

What Makes TouchBasePro Different?

It’s a great question. What is it that separates us from our competitor’s entities that fulfil similar functions in our market? Let’s start with what TouchBasePro […]
8th September 2021
TouchBasePro Choosing an ESP

What to look for when choosing your email service provider

Picking the right company or system to send emails on behalf of your company can be tricky. Here are a few deal-breakers to look for when […]