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6th February 2023

Bring the spark back 😉

Without love, time, and effort most relationships will fizzle out over time including the relationship you have with your subscribers. But, don’t worry in this blog […]
25th January 2023
Communicate at the right time with Email Automation

Communicate at the right time with Email Automation!

It is said that the goal of any marketing effort is to get the right message to the right person at the right time. It is […]
10th January 2023

Have fun with your Email Marketing in 2023

We know that planning your email campaigns can be super stressful. Our team at TouchBasePro have put together a list of Email Marketing Dates for the […]
23rd November 2022

The TouchBasePro list of Email Marketing Trends for 2023

We’ve dusted off the crystal ball and put together a list of the trends we are seeing for email marketing in 2023 and how to navigate […]
9th November 2022

What are machine clicks and what do they have to do with email?

Have you seen a surprising rise in open and click rates that don’t match a change in marketing incentives? Or maybe you’ve seen a sudden, large […]