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14th July 2016
Email marketing strategy

How To Get Started With Your Email Marketing Strategy

It’s very easy to get caught up in the minutiae surrounding email marketing. You need a strategy to guide the types of emails you send, how frequently you send them and to whom they are sent
1st July 2016
Trolley symbolising Retail Marketing

Retailers, You Need To Stay Relevant

As a retail marketer, you know that email is an important part of your comprehensive marketing strategy. Or, at least you should know that.
23rd June 2016
Rabbit holding emails

What Is Email Marketing?

You’ve probably heard that email marketing is cheap, simple to use and highly measurable. But at its core, what is email marketing?
23rd June 2016
Customer unsubscribe

What Counts as Permission to Send?

In email marketing, there’s a big difference between having access to an email list, and having permission to send to that list.