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12th May 2016
5 AB Tests You Need To Try

5 A/B Tests You Need To Try

How do you know the best time of day to send your campaign? In the morning, in the afternoon, or lunch time? To be a successful email marketer, these are questions you should know the answer to.
12th May 2016
4 tips for conducting successful A/B tests

4 Tips For Conducting Successful A/B Tests

A/B tests are a valuable tool when it comes to keeping your marketing campaigns fresh and current. Check our 4 tips for conducting successful A/B tests.
6th May 2016
Welcome Email

Welcome Emails That Work

While you might be tempted to just add your new subscribers to your list and forget about them until you need to send an email campaign, you’re missing out on a golden opportunity to interact with them via a welcome email.
6th May 2016
5 Subject Line Formulas to increase your open rate

5 Subject Line Formulas To Increase Your Open Rate

We can’t understate just how important subject lines are to email campaigns. They’re the first thing your subscriber sees when your mail pops up in their inbox, they’re the driving force to open your email and they could also be the last thing your subscriber sees.
29th April 2016
Email marketing best practices - featured image

4 Email Marketing Best Practice Tips You Might Not Know

When it comes to email marketing, much like any other industry, there are some best practices – things that we consider common knowledge. If you’re new...
26th April 2016
cleaning email list - featured image

5 Important Reasons To Clean Your Mailing List

A dirty mailing list is a bad email list. It will affect the performance of your emails and it can end up making you feel like...