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27th August 2019

Get the right marketing strategy for your business!

A marketing strategy is a comprehensive plan created to help your business achieve its marketing goals and objectives. But how do you know which marketing strategies […]
12th August 2019

Create a sense of urgency in your campaigns with a Countdown Timer

These days your subscribers are inundated with hundreds of emails, so finding ways to improve and make your email campaign stand out is crucial. Creating a […]
1st August 2019

5 Minutes with Tracy Benson

Tracy is celebrating her 11th Workaversary with TouchBasePro so to celebrate Trace and all her hard work, we spent 5 minutes with her so that everyone […]
26th July 2019

Is your website harming your email marketing efforts?

Winter is generally not a great time for sales. As it gets colder, people tend to hibernate, they slow down and curl up in front of the heater instead of being out there and active.
17th July 2019
Email Testing

Check your Inbox Placement with our Design and Spam Test Tool

Did you know that you can do much more than just send a test copy to your inbox? If you didn’t, read on to learn about Inbox Placement.
11th July 2019

Email Marketing Industry Benchmarks for 2019

Every industry is different, and all audiences will engage and react with your emails differently, so it’s essential to know and understand what the benchmark is […]