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9th July 2020
What is content marketing for email?

What is content marketing?

Let’s take a look at content marketing and why it is necessary to make it part of your marketing efforts.  Content marketing is a strategic marketing […]
7th July 2020
Re-engagement Feature Image

Rekindle the spark with your subscribers

Are your sales down? Has your click rate declined, and your open rate isn’t what it used to be? Are you just not getting the level […]
2nd July 2020

The why and how of transactional emails

What is transactional email? Transactional emails are defined as system-generated emails that are triggered by specific user activity. These could come in the form of account […]
23rd June 2020
Preheader Feature Image

The mystical preheader text

We all know how important your subject line and ‘from’ field is when it comes to grabbing your reader’s attention, but have you been paying attention […]
18th June 2020

The ABC and XYZ of A/B Testing

Have you ever wondered which subject line will get you more opens or which hero image will help you get higher engagement? Well, this is exactly […]