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23rd June 2020
Preheader Feature Image

The mystical preheader text

We all know how important your subject line and ‘from’ field is when it comes to grabbing your reader’s attention, but have you been paying attention […]
18th June 2020

The ABC and XYZ of A/B Testing

Have you ever wondered which subject line will get you more opens or which hero image will help you get higher engagement? Well, this is exactly […]
11th June 2020

How email marketing and social media work together

When it comes to your online presence, be it a social post or an email campaign there are a few things that you should keep in […]
9th June 2020
Website and email marketing

Your website and email marketing

Email marketing is not just about the emails you create and send to your database. Email marketing forms part of your digital marketing arsenal and is […]
4th June 2020

1, 2, 3 – INTEGRATED with TouchBasePro

Let’s talk about system integrations. They are generally pricy, time-consuming and sometimes even a little too technical. Connecting systems to allow for automated processes is a […]
2nd June 2020
Let's get personal blog feature image

Let’s get personal

How many unread emails do you currently have in your inbox? Did you know – on average a person receives 121 emails per day. Yes, PER […]