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13th December 2019

How to create a sign up form

Getting new subscribers is important, and TouchBasePro gives you the tools you need to keep growing. Watch our quick video showing you how to create and […]
13th December 2019

How to create a segment

Being able to segment your database should be a key element in your email marketing strategy. Take a look at how to create basic segments within […]
13th December 2019

How to upload your database into TouchBasePro

TouchBasePro also allows you to store and manage your database right within your account. Take a look at our quick and easy video showing you how […]
9th December 2019

Gearing up for your December shut down

Wow, what a year! We hope it’s been as epic and successful for you as it has been for us. We’d like to take this opportunity […]
28th November 2019

The 411 on Transactional Emails

Transactional emails are automated messages, triggered to send on-demand by specific interactions on your website or application. These emails are triggered to send by events that […]
20th November 2019

TouchBasePro has won the Ewards award for Best Email Marketing Campaign.

TouchBasePro has won Best Email Marketing Campaign for 2019 in the prestigious annual e-marketing awards – the Ewards – hosted by one of the fastest-growing companies […]