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17th March 2020

Send your Covid-19 communications for free with TouchBasePro

We at TouchBasePro understand the severity of the country’s current situation and believe that communication is critical at this point. We would, therefore, like to offer […]
17th March 2020

What does leadership mean during a crisis like COVID-19?

As a country and worldwide, we are currently facing very uncertain times, and with uncertainty comes fear and panic. As a leader, it is your responsibility […]
17th March 2020

How TouchBasePro is handling the CoronaVirus

As a company, TouchBasePro is taking all the necessary steps to protect our team, suppliers and customers. Internally we have taken precautionary measures; however, none of […]
17th March 2020

Five communication musts for the CoronaVirus

As of the 15 March 2020, South Africa declared a national state of disaster due to Covid-19, otherwise known as the Corona Virus. For all businesses, […]
11th March 2020

The Trust Velocity Matrix – What is it and how do I benefit?

What is the Trust Velocity Matrix?  Having a marketing strategy is hugely important for your business. As a business, you need to have a plan in […]
2nd March 2020

Business Intelligence Reporting with TouchBasePro

Email marketing has one of the highest returns of investment compared to other forms of marketing with the ability to get an ROI of 43 to […]