Communicate at the right time with Email Automation
Communicate at the right time with Email Automation!
25th January 2023
Email Newsletter Design: Working with Skim-Readers
22nd February 2023

Bring the spark back 😉

Without love, time, and effort most relationships will fizzle out over time including the relationship you have with your subscribers. But, don’t worry in this blog we’re going to be looking into how you can revive the relationship with your dormant subscribers. How? Re-engagement Campaigns!

As an email marketer you’ll know how frustrating it is to have a portion of your database that never open or engage with your email campaigns. You can tackle this portion of inactive subscribers with some cleverly thought-out re-engagement campaigns.

What are re-engagement campaigns?

An email or series of emails that are sent to dormant or disengaged email subscribers that are aimed at trying to entice subscribers to open and engage with your emails again.

The main point of a re-engagement campaign is to remind your customers why they signed up with you in the first place. You interested them once upon a time, they wouldn’t be on your list otherwise. It’s time to let them know that you’ve noticed their lack of enthusiasm, and you want to do something about it.

Why are re-engagement campaigns beneficial?

  • They help improve your overall email deliverability. When you have a high portion of your database not engaging with your emails, email clients such a Gmail and Outlook start to distrust and favour your campaigns less. What this means is that over time your campaigns are less likely to be delivered as these email clients see that your emails are not read.When your dormant subscribers start opening your email campaigns again, these email clients then learn from this behaviour and this ultimately will improve your email deliverability.
  • They give you more accurate statistics. Your inactive subscribers can skew your stats and make them look worse than they actually are. After running a re-engagement series, your email stats are going to be much more accurate.
  • They show you who you should be sending to. Once you’ve run your re-engagement series you’re going to have a good idea on who you should be focusing your regular sending on. As for your completely dormant subscribers, you can keep them on a separate list and send the occasional promotional email to them and slowly try to warm them up again to add back to your regular email list.

Here are a few tips to maximise your efforts with your re-engagement campaign.

Segment, Segment, Segment!

Segmenting your subscribers in your lists is the first step to a re-engagement campaign. An inactive subscriber is described as a subscriber that has not interacted (opened or clicked) with any of your campaigns in a certain amount of time.

Choose your Re-engagement Campaign

As mentioned in one of our blogs “Rekindle the spark with your subscribers” previously, there are a few types of different re-engagement campaigns.

  • Remind them why they signed up
  • Offer solutions to their problems
  • Offer them something of value

Content is Key

When your re-engagement campaign lands in subscribers inboxes, make sure that the content they are receiving is just right. This includes making “call to actions” direct and minimal. The recommendation here is to have only one “call to action”. This should be the same as the content of your campaign, short and sweet. With the tone of your campaign, Campaign Monitor (2019) suggests that the tone should be even more so conversational with your subscribers through a re-engagement campaign. This will increase engagement with subscribers.

Re-Engagement Subject Lines

Although subject lines are sometimes overlooked, they are a very important factor in re-engagement campaigns. Your subject line and pre-header will be the first impression your subscribers have. Making or breaking the possibility of engagement. If you feel as if this is too much pressure, you can always run an A/B Split test. This will ensure that the campaign that is ultimately sent out, is the one that your subscribers are responding to the best.

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